Meet the Characters


Kip is the beloved pet of all our Little Explorers characters but he lives with Ellie and Elliot. They built him a very special dog house called "Kip's Clubhouse". He is the sweetest and smartest puppy dog ever and he loves his friends so much!

Ellie The Gymnast

My name is Ellie. I am 4 years old and I love taking classes at Winnersville Elite! My favorite color is purple and my favorite show is Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. I am special because I have a twin brother named Elliot and he takes tumbling just like me, only the kind for boys! I love to eat my fruits and veggies – apples are my favorite food! I also make sure I drink milk all the time so my bones can get stronger and stronger for tumbling! When I grow up, I want to be a tumbling teacher and work at Winnersville!

Elliot The Gymnast

Nice to meet you! I’m Elliot and I love to flip and climb! My twin sister and I take tumbling every week at Winnersville and we are both getting stronger every day! My favorite color is green and my favorite food is pizza! The thing I love most about tumbling is jumping on the trampoline and flipping into the foam pit! I also love to impress all my friends on the playground with the cool stuff I learn in class! One day I want to go to the Olympics!

Bella The Beautiful Ballerina

I am Bella! Dancing is what I was born to do! Someday I am going to be a famous ballerina! I love the color pink, big hairbows, frilly tu-tus, and anything that sparkles! My dance teacher at Winnersville says I am a girly girl! My favorite food is popsicles and my favorite toy is my Minnie Mouse Bowtique. I also love to color pictures and make crafts with my mommy! I also love going to the beach with my family in the summer!

Steverino The Sports Super Star

Hi! I’m Steverino! I love sports more than anything! I have had a ball in my hand since I was old enough to sit up, (that’s what my dad says). Football is my favorite but I play soccer, baseball, and basketball, too! My favorite color is red and my favorite food is spaghetti. It gives me lots of energy to play all of the sports I love! I also love swimming, camping, taking classes at Winnersville, and playing with my dog Max! Sometimes I like to hang out with my older sister. She is really into cheerleading, which suits her because her name is Spirit. We go to Winnersville at the same time every week!


Spirit The Cheerleader

Ready??? Ok! My name is Spirit and I love to cheer! I’m loud and proud of my team! I love cheering because it teaches me to tumble, stunt and dance. I have so many best friends on my team! My favorite color is Light Blue and my favorite food is sushi. I get to be a flyer on my team, which means I get to be lifted up in the air by the other girls on my team. It’s so fun! When I’m not cheering at Winnersville, I love to go to the mall, listen to music, and do my homework. I have a younger brother named Steverino and we get along great!

Joy The Jump Rope Queen

Hey guys! I’m Joy! And just like my name, I am happy all the time! Jumping rope is my favorite thing to do, but I also love to jump on trampolines, jump on diving boards, jump on my bed, and jump on those fun inflatables! That’s why I love going to Winnersville– they have so many things I can jump on! My favorite color is yellow and I love to eat carrots and chicken nuggets. One day, I hope to set a world record for jumping rope!


  Laney The Learner or my friends call me "Brainy" Laney

Hello! Or as they say in France, “Bonjour!”. My name is Laney, but some people call me “Brainy Laney”. I love to learn and read! I have over 200 books in my room! My favorite thing to learn about is outer space. One day I might even travel there! Reading is what I love most, but I also love going to my Little Explorers class at Winnersville. We get to bounce, jump, and flip, but we also get to learn all sort of things about other countries, weather, space, animals, and lots of other cool stuff with the monthly theme! My favorite color is blue and my favorite food is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches!

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